Amazon delivery jobs from home. Amazon Is Hell On Wheels For Delivery Drivers

My first shift was from None of the 19 videos I had to watch to be a Flex driver recommended bringing a delivery cart or a dolly. Full disclosure: I did not get paid for the time it took to watch these videos, nor was there any guarantee that I would be approved as a driver once I watched the videos. The security guard at the forex broker bonus 2019 door of the office building chastised me for carrying the box, and told me that I should be using a dolly to transport it. How do I download the Amazon Flex app?

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Amazon Logistics

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You can choose from any available blocks scheduled for the same day or upcoming days. One of them took up multiple floors, smelled strongly of pizza, and had dog leashes and kibble near the front door.

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After I was finally approved as a driver, a process that took weeks, I signed up for a shift. Brittain Ladd Contributor I am recognized globally as a thought leader and expert in e-commerce, retail, strategy, supply chain management and cross-border trade.

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Make $18-$25/hour

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  • Schedule ahead or pick up any available block of time.
  • This dedication to the customer, he said, is what Amazon expects from its workers.
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Amazon Flex: Be Your Own Boss. Great Earnings. Flexible Hours.

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Why Amazon Flex?

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