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Quality means the firm provides the best product or service. Your benefit writing work from home in hyderabad how you increase the company's profit. America's comparative advantage is innovation. Human Capital Human capital in the form of a highly trained workforce can be the source of competitive advantage, particularly if employees do not take their skills to competitors. This strategy is popular because it provides a unique selling advantage and it creates higher price points. Foss Ed.

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14 Sources of Competitive Advantage

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Competitive Advantage: Definition, Porter's 3 Methods If your brand is perceived as offering the best quality products in the category you might have a chance to succeed. Companies most successful in using this strategy are those who focus on product innovation.

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Differentiation Strategy: How to Gain Competitive Advantage Through Product Leadership

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The Advantages of a Product Differentiation Strategy |

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Three Competitive Strategies for Your Business - FrogDog

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