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Also, they might become wannabe bears. The Alligator is eating This is when we should also be eating — not burgers, but profits! The longer the indicator lines in this position, the greater the chances of a strong trend movement to come soon. Without it, traders end up going long, in this case, only to find out that the market comes for their stop. The direction and target of the signals are derived from the lag by the longest of three time frames in this trading system. Decisions to buy or sell should come at support or resistance.

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Trading The Alligator by Bill Williams - Trading Setups Review

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The Alligator Indicator Explained - Video Guide

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Alligator Indicator Explained - What is the Alligator Indicator?

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  2. Develop Your Trading 6th Sense No more panic, no more doubts.

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Exploring the Williams Alligator Indicator

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