Work from home mom with baby. Working from Home with Baby? How to Still Get Things Done.

Since work and kids take priority, the house gets put on the back burner — and then sometimes it gets forgotten and boils over and sets off the fire alarm. Yay, me! My own work-from-home career started when I was already in the house on maternity leave.

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Being a work-from-home mom is actually kind of the worst

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Working from home with baby?

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My Life as a Work-at-Home-Mom Was Hell

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Working from Home with Baby? How to Still Get Things Done.

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  • The benefits of working from home played out well and balanced my needs at the time.
  • Relatives or Friends Having grandparents or other relatives as your childcare provider can be a win-win situation, as long as expectations, parenting philosophies, and schedules are discussed in advance.
  • 8 Reasons to Be a Work-at-Home Parent
  • School-age children should be able to play independently.
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